Thursday, May 26, 2011

kurangkan berat badan dengan herbalife!

Since the beginning of the last semester, I've been planning on losing weight. you can see my 2011 must-dos' on the sidebar. i just don't know why it was difficult to go on diet when I was studying. Does the stress really affect somebody's diet? hmm.. maybe...

Why do I want to lose weight? It's because..

1. I am fat.  
Ouch~ :P Haha. (note that I'm not smiling while writing this)
2. I am not healthy. Although I didn't go for medical check-ups, I know I'm having diseases, or might get one. For example, when I'm stressed, I cannot eat too much. Otherwise, I'll get headache - a symptom of HBP. And, I got sick a lot. Even the doctor at the USIM panel clinic knows me already.

3. I am not confident. Whether I realize it or not, there are times when it makes me lose confidence. Most of the time, the confidence is only built on pretense. I don't even dare to go out to exercise because I am afraid of what people will think.

4. I spend a lot of time finding suitable outfits and if I dont find one, I'll be wearing the same blouses and the same pants again and again. Worse, I hate the look that the people give me when I entered a garments store. I need something to wear people! Do you expect me to have all my clothes custom-made? Plus, the local outfit makers and manufacturers don't seem to have an empathy on the people with European size..

5. Sometimes, it hurts, too, when people openly critized me of the way I look. My family and relatives are no exception. "Ya Rabbi, N, makin berisik kitak oh~" - typical dialogue that I will hear whenever I visited my relatives, especially during Eid.


Atas sebab-sebab di atas, saya telah menggunakan Herbalife untuk mengurangkan berat badan....
I know it's a trend nowadays. My acquaintance lost 10kg already after taking Herbalife - or so what my friends said. My elder sister is taking TRA or something and manage to lose a few kilos. Some others spent money on dieting pills and ended up....

...dead. Naudzubillahi mindzalik.

I don't take any supplement because I'm broke. Sedih jap. Tsk.. Tsk.. Saya pun bukanlah anak orang kaya nak hire personal trainer, dietitian and nutritionist. Uji bakat untuk Biggest Loser Asia pun tak start lagi. Hehe~

But seriously, is it a must to take those things to lose weight? I mean, is it not enough to eat less and exercise? Alhamdulillah, I have been losing around 3kg in less than 2 weeks this way. I'm just afraid that my body won't react to exercises later on, and might desperately need those things. 

Source: Google

That is one of the challenges. Another was when I started to plan my losing weight plan. Like what way to exercise, what food should I eat, how to eat, how my body works, how to increase the metabolism etc. By doing that, the plan was delayed because I was confused. And there was one time when I even became demotivated of what they wrote. Like when we know that walking and running can burn down calories, but they said it was a waste of time and most people say that drinking water can control your cravings but others wrote that it will just increase the weight. 

The biggest challenge would be when the semester starts again - when I'm going to be stressed out. Now, I'm totally care-free. No mooting, no assignments, no lectures, no exams, no worries about money and people around me. I am afraid of being demotivated and starting to become a binge eater again to release stress.

 Anyway, that's the anticipated future. The most important thing is the present time. I must do what I can for the present time and prepare for the obstacles in the future. Wish me luck~

Exercising will make your days shorter,
but your life longer - Kang Ho Dong @Strong Heart

Eat Less, Exercise and Stay Motivated!


NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

i'm also tired become a skinny one because of those "laser2 mulut".. grrrr~ >.<

Muhammad Ridhwan said...

Terbalit kita tok, saya dah dekat nak underweight dah. Awak gago mok turun berat badan...haha.

nsdahlia said...

different people, different challenges. and different type of body :P