Friday, January 9, 2015

hello and goodbye

it is not the days that count
but how you spent them.


It is already 2015. 2014 is gone bringing all its bad and good memories. 
I was contemplating about one thing - among others - once 2015 set in: 
to blog or not to blog. 

I had been considering to stop blogging because it takes time. 
The reason is because I tend to write long posts in a blog. 
I could spend like 2-3 hours on a blog post, 
sharing every detail of my fabulous life *puke*  

So I decided I need to stop.
All this social network craze took my enthusiasm away from blogging. Hahah. 
I will surely miss blogging since typing in detail of certain events or how I feel about certain things in the posts will let me recall better once the posts are reread. 
But I ain't got no time for that.
So, I will be updating my instagram instead - because it is faster and easier :P

Dear blog, you will surely be missed. 


Friday, December 19, 2014

to be fit

There are no shortcuts.
Shortcuts are for losers.

This is going to be a long post - which I did not intend to. But have a read.
As I had shared in the previous post, I am currently indulging myself into a weight loss program. A gym was a strange place but I now go there after work and in the weekend. It has now become a routine (obsession, addiction or whatever you may call) that I have never once imagined to be doing.

How do I eat?
1. I eat according to the calorie intake that I need which is different for everyone. So try to calculate yours using the BMR calculator on Google. Then you have to multiply it according to your lifestyle. I would rather say mine is moderate since I work out more or less 5 times a week, So, if my BMR is 1700, I will need to eat around 2000 to maintain my weight AND lesser to lose weight.

You can just calculate using this. Thanks, Google!

The wrong thing people do is to eat less than your daily caloric needs, which leads to the failure of most weight loss attempts. If you eat too little, you may lose weight but it will be slow as your body will reserve your energy for the body to function properly. Another downside, you will lose weight but at the same time, you will turn into a ZOMBIE - the opposite of everything you want to be - healthy, energetic and beautiful.

2. Eat 5 times a day. Breakfast early in the morning. Morning snack at 10am. Lunch at 12pm. Tea break at 3 pm. Dinner at 7pm. If you are hungry after 7pm, which I usually do, eat something light. Fruits, crackers, yogurt, etc. No heavy meals after 7pm.

3. Drink at least 2-3litres of water. Yes, you will frequently need to go to the toilet, but once your body adapts to it, you will go less. And, if it still bothers you, take that as a challenge. Don't make excuses.

4. Choose your food when you can. But if you have no other choice, control the portion. Now, let's get real. Why are we fat? Because we love to eat right? Will we be happy to stop eating the things we love when you want to lose weight? No. So the result is, we give up easily as the weight loss process will be so stressful.

Here is the thing. I lovvvvvve food. I like pastries, fried chicken, western food and coffees. Do I stop eating them? No. It will make my weight loss journey so depressing. What I do instead is, if I want to drink coffee (I mean the ones in high calorie), I will just drink it - BUT - not everyday - maybe once in a week or two or a month. If I want to eat a Secret Recipe cake, fine, I will go buy one instead of two like I used to. During events or functions, I will eat everything I want, but I will have a lesser portion. If I slipped up and ate like crazy person, I will hit the gym and workout to burn the calories (read: to punish myself)

But there are also times when I craved for something, say an ice cream, but I ended up not having it as I tried to restrain myself, I would be proud of myself. So say NO, when you can. When you don't, unleash the devil in you! :P

My problem before was I could not control myself. Then, the binge eating set in - and my weight went out of control.So, the points are - eat what you need or eat what you want - but CONTROL YOURSELF. 

Do I exercise and do we need to exercise to lose weight?
Yes, I do. Cardio, weight training, body combat, zumba etc. I don't do the same exercises everyday as it will make me bored. The problem came when I started to work. I go to the office in the morning - so (as if) I don't have the time to work out before that. I go back home, tired, as if I am doing hard labour, and I directly go to bed. One whole day (read:week) with no exercise. So, I tried to change. When I decided to jog outdoor after work, the weather played its trick. So, I ended up signing for gym membership and I go there every day except Mondays, Thursdays and weekends. I will work out outdoor in the weekends.

The problem that most of us have is TIME. My schedule is different, the nature of my work is different. But I tried to fit exercise time somewhere in my schedule. Of course, I will be glad if I am not working - but excuses should not get in our way. So try to fit an hour of exercise somewhere in your schedule or if it is too packed - try 20 minutes of high intensity interval training. Google please! Just 20 minutes!

Here is the news. When you choose to lose weight, you need to change your schedule and your lifestyle as well. If nothing changes, so does your weight. So be ready to make changes - no matter how overwhelming it will be!

But I got this question the most - do we need to exercise to lose weight? NO. You can still lose weight without exercise. But there are disadvantages to it.

  • You will lose weight but you will look sick and unhealthy.
  • Losing weight is about knowing how calorie deficit works - which means - you need to eat lesser than your daily caloric needs. Say your body needs 1800kcal but to lose weight fast, you need to have a calorie deficit of 500kcal. So, you can only eat 1300kcal instead of 1800kcal per day. But if you exercise and burn, say, 200 kcal per day, it means you can eat 1600kcal per day. To put it simply, you can eat more when you exercise!! (but again, CONTROL YOURSELF)
  • When you do weight training exercises, your muscles will build up - hence - once you lose weight, it won't increase that easily. Muscles burn more calories, even when you are resting. For girls who hate the well-build look, do not worry - working out once in a while won't make you look like Jongkook (the only example I can think of now)
  • When you exercise, sometimes it is painful. So when you decided to give up, you will think to yourself that I have suffered so much and it will be a waste to give up.
  • Something achieved through pain is DEFINITELY more rewarding.
  • Exercise produces endorphins - which means happiness. At least, that is how I feel everytime I work out. Do it, hit your limits, break your records and then you will be proud of yourselves!

Do I love it? Yes, though  it hurts when you have sore body every week, walks like and old lady due to the soreness and painful joints and when the numbers on the scale does not budge. 

Will I give up? I HOPE NOT. This weight loss program started when I joined an exercise group called Jomfit, encouraged by my sister, with a personal trainer, while I was at 98.5kg (my heaviest weight by far) . Then I joined Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia season 3 which has ended more than a month ago. Now, I am joining the exercise group again for 6 weeks ending next week and I also trained on my own with the guide by the instructors (and also Google and the people I met in Twitter or Instagram) 

By far, since August 2014, I have lost 12kg. A slow yet continuous progress. I can now deal with this slow progress.  At first, it was really heartbreaking. But seeing how far I have reached, I cannot stop. 

Supplements? None at all. I can't afford them and I do not need them yet. Are they good for weight loss? It works on the people who really understand how it works. You can eat all these supplements but you can still gain weight if you don't control your calorie intake. 

How do I stay motivated? 
Determination to lose weight. When you have a goal, and you set it up in your mind or paste on your bedroom wall, you will work hard towards it. I am just tired being fat and ugly. That's all. I am not saying if you are fat, you are ugly. But I am - fat and ugly - I think. Will losing weight makes me more beautiful? Unguaranteed, but I will definitely feel better and healthier. I am tired of all the pain and sickness I suffered due to obesity. I am tired of being tired just walking for a few minutes. Now, everytime I got out of bed feeling tired, I am proud because it was not only because I am fat but because I worked out the night before. I have not reached my goal yet, but I am grateful that I am on my way there.

I also shared everything that I do on the social networks - not to show off - but to inspire people who will later on remind me to never give up. 

Another way to stay motivated is to look for friends who are on the same journey. With my JK1M friends and the people I met on Instagram, I could keep myself motivated. My sister has been my source of encouragement as well. I only need serious people to be in my list of inspiration to keep going on because I admit, this is not easy. But I know the future me will thank my current self for not giving up. 

Now, with 86kg, I feel like walking on air already :P
Haha. I know I know. I am still an obese, But,
I am proud of where I am for what I have gone through.
To anyone who wants to lose weight or simply be fit, remember,