Friday, August 29, 2014

the finale

It might be nothing to some. 
But it worths something to others.

Alhamdulillah, the final result has been released a few weeks ago. I have officially graduated. For the last few semesters, waiting for the result was an agonizing moment. I have always hoped I won't bomb any paper. With God's will, I never did. The same thing repeated for the final semester. I was so worried that I might fail my CPCII (Criminal Procedures II) paper, get Bs for my other procedural subjects and my academic project which would have definitely affected my results.

Biiznillah, I obtained 3.9 in my final semester and I graduate with 3.73 CGPA. I'm not sure whether that makes me graduate with first class or second class degree.Either way, the worst did not happen this time around too. This is all from Him, because I don't think I worked hard enough for it.

I must be hated by some. I don't have to work hard to get good results. And I am among the people who thought I'd fail but I never did. You know, like those people who said they couldn't answer the test but got an A anyway. Yea, I got it. But I worked hard too at some point of time. Though I admit there were times I just gave up. That is why I said this is all from Him.

I used to think that CGPA is not important. Especially, in my faculty, most lecturers made things easy for us. Thus, I used to think that even if I received good grades, they don't mean anything because I don't think I deserve it. And if I were at another law school, I might not get the same results. But two things made me change my mind.

1st. I will never forget the words of Ustaz Hasnizam, one of my lecturers in FSU. He said that the lecturers wanted to help you by giving you good grades so that you will become marketable. But it is upon you to live up to your academic reputation by polishing your soft skills.

What he said is true. The problem with us students and undergraduates is that we can obtain good grades, but we are not necessarily able to communicate well, have good leadership skills, teamwork etc. That is why I have always reminded my juniors to join programs, competitions or students societies, instead of being nerds. But, some employers also wanted fresh graduates with good grades. So, CGPA is also important.

However, the bitter truth is that though marketable in some fields, our law degree is of no use to practice law. So, even though, you received good grades, you shouldn't be proud of it if that is all you can offer. Hence, I have to concur with Ustaz Hasnizam's words. Both work hand in hand ; academic achievement and soft skills.

2nd. People who said that CGPA is not important, to me, are people who made excuses for themselves so they can simply give up from working hard. That is definitely wrong. I do not mind if they worked hard but things don't go so well. But I do have problems with people who gave up from the very beginning and then justified the act by saying that "CGPA is not important" or "we are too exam-oriented" or "grades don't prove anything". I have to disagree from that perspective.

But these are just my two cents. It is important to have good academic achievement to broaden our job opportunities because we don't have it easy like the students from other law schools, at least that's what I thought. But then again, our desire to gain great academic achievement shouldn't halt our attempt to improve our soft skills. 

Don't waste your time because there are so many things to be discovered beyond the four walls that worth more than a piece of paper. I wished I had done more.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

raya 2014

just another celebration
with gratefulness

The eid celebration this time around was a bit mundane, I think. But it never fail to remind me that I must be grateful for everything that I have. I mean, as we all know, 2014 is a bit of a dramatic year to us Malaysians.

The lost MH370
The downing of MH17
The mass killing of the Palestinians and Syrians
The murder of the Rohingyans
The displaced people all around the world
And three of my relatives passed away this year.  

It is just sad to hear these news though most of them are not related to me. 

Though it is very unfortunate,
we have all the more reasons to be grateful. 
All the years after Mak's passing,
this is what I always remind of myself.

I am grateful because,
even though Mak is no longer around,
we own something more than some other people from every corner of the world. 

This year, too, I got the chance to celebrate eid with my family and friends. My brother and my nephews came back. I got to see Hannah and Adele. I made cookies with Yasmin and Fatin. Spent time with my sis. Took a family picture which was a hectic task with 11 kids! (It was so hard to make everyone look at the camera at the same time and without sticking their fingers into their nose :P). Berjarah raya with my friends though it was not really according to plan and some friends were not with us. Had a picnic on 7th Syawal. Still received duit raya... Hehe. Dalam hati berdoa, the next year I must give out duit raya to my nephews and nieces. And my dad too. Ameen. 

That pretty sums up my eid celebration.
The week after my sis returned to Mukah and my brother returned to Terengganu.
Sunyik balit dah rumah tok. But it's okay. I'm used to it :)

Here are some pictures of my eid.

Belajar buat biskut raya sendiri ;)

Below are behind the scenes pictures that I managed to take. Adele in action. Haha. Nang jadi olahnya.

With Cikgu Maznah

With Cikgu paling lejen. Cikgu Jelani.

The adorable Baby Hannah. 

I have tried some bit of a change in style. Ngee~ 
No tudung instant this raya. Hihu~

Anyway, I might have been going out with the same people year after year 
but they're awesome!

Diakhiri dengan selfie with inhijabs shawl. Hewhew.

That's all. 
Will be writing again soon. 
Till then. 


why be ungrateful when you have the people 
whom you call family and friends?